Monday, December 17, 2012

Influenster: Cosmo Box Review

I was graciously sent a box of free products to test out by Influenster!  I received the Cosmo VoxBox and inside it were 4 very wonderful products!

I received the FriXion pen by Pilot Pen!
These pens are amazing! They write so smoothly and effortlessly, not to mention the cool designs to make it pleasing to the eye. 
But the BEST part about these pens is the rubber tip that ERASES, the pen...did you hear that?
This is perfect for those like me that make mistakes or use pens daily instead of crossing it out or starting all over, i can simply erase my mistake and start again.
I'm a list maker and I prefer tangible paper to phones or tablets for writing down schedules, dr appts, menu plans, lists, goals, etc. I'd say these would be great for students as well!!
Definitely my new go-to pen!

Ghirardelli Gourmet Milk Sea Salt Escape chocolate bars
I love me some Ghirardelli and they did not disappoint this chocolate lover.
I love how smooth and creamy their chocolate is, and that added bit of almonds and a touch of sea salt made this chocolate one of my new favorites! 
The salt is very subtle, and the taste is sooo good. I hope they come out with a dark chocolate one as well, for even richer flavor! Yum!


Forever Red perfume by Bath & Body Works

this was a lovely scent, i think perfect for colder days and nights. I feel like this is an excellent all year scent, but especially during the fall and winter months.
I feel like it's a sexy, comforting scent...if that makes sense.
It does have notes of pomegranate, red osmanthus and vanilla rum.  
Who wants to smell yummy during the winter?? I DO!


Gillette Venus Embrace & Olay Razor

What they sent me in the Cosmo Vox Box was the Venus Embrace razor and handle with an Olay refill. 
how is that possible?? Well let me tell you! EVERY Venus blade fits on the same handle!
How cool is that?? So, you can try out the different blades to see which one you prefer or like best with out having to buy a whole new razor package! They all mix and match!
I do prefer the Venus & Olay, I've been using this razor for about 6 months and have absolutely loved it! It's so smooth, I never need shaving cream, and super moisturizing. One of the best razors I've ever used! 


I'm so glad Influenster sent me these products for free and I was able to try them out and let you know what I thought! They really send out great boxes and I can't wait to get my next one sent to me! I'm also grateful that I have some new favorites that I wouldn't have otherwise tried on my own! I give the Cosmo Vox Box 2 thumbs up!! :)

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